Thank you for letting us know about the potential bed bug case in your suite. You should be aware of the next steps that we will be taking to address this issue.

Our Director of Housing will be emailing you soon to follow up on the following:

  • We will be scheduling a pest control operator to inspect your suite and surrounding suites for possible bed bugs. We will be working quickly to make this happen, and the goal is to have the inspection completed within 72 hours.
    • We will notify you of the pest control operator’s findings within 2 days of the inspection.
  • Do not remove any belongings from your suite before the inspection (and treatment, if necessary).
  • You should thoroughly launder your clothes and linens, and bag up any clothes or linens that have not been laundered in plastic bags. When transferring clothing and linens to the laundry facility, they should be tightly secured to prevent residual contamination. YOU SHOULD NOT BRING CLOTHING OR LINENS TO OTHER SUITES OR HOME, this may lead to the problem spreading.
    • If you choose not to wash linens, it may be considered non-cooperation.
  • If the pest control operator recommends treatment for bed bugs, we will schedule it as soon as possible, and this will require your cooperation.
    • You may be required to answer questions about recent travel or common locations you have recently visited in the assessment or treatment phase of the bed bug inspection.
    • You may be required to bag up your clothing prior to treatment. 
    • You may be required to organize your suite and/or bedroom in a manner that allows a pest control operator complete access for treatment. 
    • If treatment is required, a pest control operator will be required to enter your suite and all bedrooms and areas. 
  • The Director of Housing will provide additional information and instructions from the pest control operator if findings indicate a need for treatment. This is expected to include:
    • Pre-treatment instructions
    • Treatment dates
    • Post-treatment inspection dates (as needed)

If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Maintenance, Bob Harriman, at