Tropicana Launch Student Success Orientation

At Tropicana Del Norte, our SBCC students are eligible for a $500 discount if they attend 10 Trop A.I.R. (Academics In Residence) sessions each semester. Our previous Director of Residence Life, LaDonte King, designed the Trop AIR program based on implementing cognitive principles to improve student success in areas like time management and study habits. After LaDonte’s tenure at Tropicana, he went on to become the Vice President of Student Success with Launch Student Success (!

We are excited to allow you announce that Trop AIR has been replaced by the Launch Student Success Program!

We are excited to be able to partner with LaDonte and the Launch Student Success team to replace the Trop AIR program. Instead, students will be registered for the Launch Student Success curriculum program, hosted via Canvas!

Students will have access to 19 Learning Units including Time Management, Effective Decision Making, Affirmations, Intrinsic Motivation, and more! Students may complete this comprehensive course at their own pace, and just have to complete the 19 Learning Units before the end of the SBCC Academic Year (prior to May 20, 2023) to qualify for the $500 credit.

To get started, all students who wish to be registered for the Launch Student Success program must first attend a brief, 15 minute orientation led by our Tropicana Residence Life team. Complete the information below to sign up, and then be sure to attend the orientation where we’ll provide a brief introduction, confirm the requireements, highlight the benefits, and walk you through what to expect. We’ll also answer any questions or concerns, of course!

Please complete the form below to begin!

UPDATE: Thursday orientations are at 8:15pm and Sunday orientations are at 7:30pm