A suite walkthrough is a tenant right to have management identify potential damages in the suite, allowing tenants the opportunity to make necessary repairs prior to moving out. By signing up for a pre-checkout walkthrough of your suite, you must note and agree to the following:

  • You agree to allow Tropicana Student Living to enter your suite at the selected date and time to perform an inspection of your suite to estimate possible damages and make recommendations to you for repair.
  • You will receive an email with the list of identified potential damages within 24 hours after your walkthrough.
  • Tropicana will perform a good-faith effort in conducting the walkthrough, but when rooms are still occupied, it is not possible to complete a thorough inspection.
  • If the suite is not empty of belongings at the time of the inspection or if damages are created between the time of inspection and checkout, Tropicana reserves the right to charge for such damages discovered after checkout.
  • A final move-out statement will be sent to your address on file within 21 days of your checkout along with any applicable refund or balance due.